[INTERVIEW] How Daily Self-Screening Can Help Reduce Virus Exposure

Across Australia, businesses in different regions face varying rules and guidelines for creating a COVIDSafe workplace. While some states and territories will see businesses trying to facilitate a safe return to the office after months of working from home, others – such as Victoria – continue to ask people to work from home if possible and to follow new, stricter guidelines to limit COVID-19 exposure if remote working isn’t feasible.

But regardless of your location, organisations of all shapes and sizes should have one major objective in mind: to keep employees, customers and the business as safe as possible from coronavirus.

One key component of your COVID-19 risk mitigation strategy should be to ensure, as far as possible, that employees carrying the virus stay at home. This is easier said than done – it’s not as straightforward as telling your workers not to come to work when they’re unwell.

This week, our CEO in Australia – John Wilson – appeared on Ticker TV to discuss the new COVID-19 screening mandate in Victoria. Speaking with presenter Alana Mclean, John explored how daily symptom self-screening can help your business to reduce exposure to the virus, as well as the time and resource needed to meet latest requirements.

Check out the full interview, or get in touch with John directly to find out how you can help protect your employees, your customers and your business with Screenin.me.

John Wilson, CEO Australia:


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